Saturday, June 30, 2012

pack pack pack

i'm getting ready for HOLIDAY yaww~
i hope everything went well and super fun.
  • 4 nice clothes & hijab
  • swimming clothe
  • telekung & sejadah
  • bath product
  • make up
  • skin care product
  • camera
  • handphone, galaxy tab, charger.
  • happy face!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

adat vs religion

salam 1 Malaysia, ;p

hello ladies and gentlemen
i've been reading one entry blog who saying about Adat vs Agama..
well he complaining more about adat melayu nowadays..
80% i agree but other 20% totally disagree..
the good thing that i like about his entry,
he issued about hantaran and the wedding reception expenditures~
sometimes people get ridiculous about the number it self :p
well it depends on both parties too you know.
especially the groom whether he like it or not.
*i try to be fair here~
i just want to conclude either adat or religion..all that important is we do the compulsory first that what have been told from our Prophet Rasullah S.A.W then if you able to make your wedding day as glorious as u imagine just make it happen.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 17th and still counting..

Its already 17day being miss fiancĂ©e to my beloved man Jani Izwandy..
Alhamdulillah so far we been through everything very well..
its kinda process for us to know more about each other 
so there is a lot things to learn
I just wish everything went well..
to my fiancee, 
i hope u will go easily with me since im much more younger than you
just for reminder, im not perfect human being..
correct me if im wrong..
i have my big EGO sometimes but im soft too..
please love me with all your heart
thank you for choosing me 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Engagement day

Assalamualaikum :)
this is some of my engagement picture taken by ministry of moment.
I would like to thank everybody that had been taking part of making my engagement ceremony successful
Most Importantly my sister Erni Dekritawati Yuliana & my brother in law Kamarulazlan for being the big part of my engagement ceremony.
and beautiful siblings Erwan Suwari Rizuwan, Md Erwan Nasri, Erni Erinawati Sofia & Siti Nur Fatimah

To my dulang angels on that day  : Dalilah Bt Zainal Abidin, Fariza Mayangsari, Nurul Farihaa Binti Zainol, Ungku Anna Alysa, Hur' ain Binti Omar, Nur Amalina Zafirah, Siti Norfaraheen Binti Shamsher, Siti Nur Fatimah & Masliyana.

Last but not least Faizul my designer from Rizalman Ibrahim for this beautiful engagement dress.
Thank you very much!