Friday, March 30, 2012


assalamualaikum w.b.t

"Up In The Air"
such an inspirational movie for my post about commitment...
that is why i wrote it right now to show how this variety of commitment effects on our life
it is such an arguments of why people do not care about their commitment especially what happen in US right now..
im being curious about women out there who totally scared of marriage..
not because of the responsibilities that they have to overcome
because the question is do men nowadays ready to have commitments with women?
the movie i have stated here tells us a story about a guy who really does not believe to commitment..
his philosophy make him do not believe in commitment because he thinks he do not have to carry a bag who will only burden him to death..
one of his dialogue written "imagine a bag-pack as ur bf/gf,marriage etc and u carried all along until u die.."
at the end of the day he fall for someone who support his philosophy..a women..
a women who had open his heart to give in commitment to this women..
one day he came up to her house and on that night he numb because the women already had a family..
she called him and ask
women : "What are u doing? go to my house suddenly?that's my family u know and this is my real life"
man : what do u think i'm doing?
women : wait..what?what do u really want?
man :...please make me understand u..what is going on?i thought we have something?
women : i thought we on the same channel here..i'm grown ups and i have a family.just call me when u are lonely alright..
man : (hang up)..

It is a totally bummer..this women were expecting an scandal relationship while she having a beautiful family back home whoever this men was really ready to open his heart and give it to this women who were pretty suits him..he thought she was the one..

Seriously in my opinion..people who do not believe in marriage and any commitments are all cowards.
they been playing safe because afraid of being broken and never believe of a happy relationship..
even if u have a broken hearts never say no to love..
love does HURTS but love also CURE..
It is true that women does love nagging all time(i do) but thinks are getting better and better after a fight..
every relationship had their up and down but no matter what we all know why we love each other..
Furthermore, i just could not understand of certain people who have kids without any marriage tittle..
it is damn same thing if u once married and have kids.

im just saying.peace.