Thursday, January 19, 2012

some say

can easily get attached especially for the hot one.
eye catching looks, appearance, make up...
plenty of beauty product recently,
not forgetting plastic surgery, botox, placenta from clinics
just to increased their confident level to make other guys melt..
but for men do they really find that woman suits her well in time?
a phrase that we always heard~
if u love her because of beauty, u should forget it because it will just last sooner
if u love her because of her inner side of personality which other people couldn't see it with their own eyes then u have eternity to live with her..
we all know beauty at the outside did not last,
overall, what's important is beauty on the inside...
by the age of 60 u will be unhappy because of her wrinkles
by the age of 60 he will never be fashionable as they look on 20's
by the time she sicks they will never have the time to look after their beauty care..
by the age of 60 they botox that they did last 10 yeas already ruined just like pamela anderson
by the age of 60's ur make up look so ugly and when u look into the mirror, u will dissapointed
by the age of 60's those women who obsessed with plastic surgery find out it is not worth the money
at the end of the day we just gonna appreciate our natural skin as it is..
where we back to square one when we were little kid who do not know how to where make up
and let our skin to be free with the breeze of wind
and there's an old man accompany us
and the person is the one who love us with all his heart and soul
so why rush of choosing your partner ?
mean while u can take your time to know him/her instead..
by the time, u love him/her of "who they are" and not of "what they are"

my dreams: hold hands at the beach until the end of life with my future old man

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


get it?up here?good~
life never been great starting this year...
everything look so well
i kinda miss my brother lately~
when can we have a nice family dinner laaaaahhh
i miss those moment already
certain things might better be silent but i like to write about it more rather than we hide it
some people like to hide and they tend to 'CONTROL CUN' instead.
dont do that.
people got up and downs
 well probably if u open it little bit, u'll get an attention from others a bit
but when i said to be open i mean 'SPEAK THE TRUTH'
NOT humiliating urself in public for example 'i have sex' damn~not good heh(just for muslims)
keep it to urself okeh..or u might get plenty of negative comments that u wouldn't dare to read
suddenly i got lot of energy to mumbling and im sure my boyfriend already tired n will die of boredom because of me XD well u better not MISTER!
lastly, i feel so COOL tonight.. a.k.a HOT!
i dont know but i just feel it.
haha just joking! love u lots bloggers because u guys let myself to speak with my mind while my face look so serious (focus face) but actually in my mind i was laughing like hell.


Friday, January 6, 2012

5th january 2012

goodnight to all bloggers and readers..
my day is getting better and better since cik comel being here with us..
im totally grateful to Allah for making my dreams came true..
hopefully this year gonna be happiest year i ever had....amin
he's getting a new hair cut yesterday n he looks different ;)
love it!
and to my youngest sister she already going to school
may ur day will be full of laughter in new school ok..
im going to sleep now...goodnight and assalamualaikum

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

salam 2012 ;)

syukur ke hadrat illahi kerana aku diberi peluang untuk berkongsi ceritaku di sini
diberi nafas kehidupan baru pada tahun ini bersama insan yang tersayang..
keluarga ,rakan - rakan dan terutama sekali lelaki yang tidak jemu bersama samaku tika suka dan duka JANI IZWANDY BIN CHE JAN..