Thursday, June 28, 2012

adat vs religion

salam 1 Malaysia, ;p

hello ladies and gentlemen
i've been reading one entry blog who saying about Adat vs Agama..
well he complaining more about adat melayu nowadays..
80% i agree but other 20% totally disagree..
the good thing that i like about his entry,
he issued about hantaran and the wedding reception expenditures~
sometimes people get ridiculous about the number it self :p
well it depends on both parties too you know.
especially the groom whether he like it or not.
*i try to be fair here~
i just want to conclude either adat or religion..all that important is we do the compulsory first that what have been told from our Prophet Rasullah S.A.W then if you able to make your wedding day as glorious as u imagine just make it happen.

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